About 95% of the time you're looking at someone else's paper during a test or quiz is to see how far they they've finished, not their answers, amirite?

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more like 100%... I'm pretty sure there are still plenty of us out there that don't cheat, even 5% of the time

Unfortunately an asshole teacher will give you a 0 on a nine weeks exam for "cheating" if glance slightly to your left where another student sits..

No I'm usually cheating

My teacher will take your paper away if you so much as glance 3 inches to any side of your paper.

emma_violins avatar emma_violin Yeah You Are +3Reply

I just listen to when the person next to me flips their test. NO RISK INVOLVED!

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I got busted for that in 6th grade. I would have NEVER cheated off of that kid.. I was just super competitive..

Jennohs avatar Jennoh Yeah You Are +2Reply

It's a pretty great feeling when I realize i'm ahead :P

SandyH0ngs avatar SandyH0ng Yeah You Are +1Reply

The teacher says something like eyes on your own paper and I'm like I just wanted to see how far they were to see if I was behind or ahead

what_ups avatar what_up Yeah You Are +1Reply
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