Lindt Truffles are like an orgasm in your mouth, amirite?

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They are so unbelievably delicious. I just had one...omg so goood!

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Swiss chocolate is the best!

aanyas avatar aanya Yeah You Are +3Reply

eww well the round ones suck but the truffle bars are amaaaaaazing :]

mylifeisflys avatar mylifeisfly Yeah You Are +1Reply

Ferrero Rondnoir is much better.

Godiva truffles are to die for! Lindt is no comparison to Godiva chocolate!

@foo_j Mmmm Godiva. drools

I know right! YUM! And obviously, the people who voted my comment down have never tried Godiva chocolate before.

That sounds unpleasant.

I'm a fiend for chocolate, but those things are nasty

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Ugh, no. I hate Lindt.

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