Most of the people who know what acappella is but hate it, hate it on principle. If they just listened to it, they'd realize it takes an insane amount of talent to do. amirite?

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Realizing something, "takes an insane amount of talent to do" makes you respect the person who does it... not like/love what they do.

I mean being a successful serial killer takes an insane amount of talent, but you don't all the sudden become infatuated with the idea of killing.

Postscript, I actually like acappella? I just don't agree with your argument, including hating it on principle? What's that all about?

The Overtones.

Plus I was in an acapella group for the past 2 years. Love it!

Does anyone notice the date? 11/1/11?

Straight no Chaser!

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We're singing an a cappella song for my school chorus. Everyone thinks it sucks, but I think its amazing.

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I realize Adele has talent, but that doesn't make me like her voice.

yeaaahhh straight no chaserrr!
i do a lot of acappella stuff at school, and people don't appreciate it, but whatever, that's fine. not many people really HATE it though..

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