Girls: You wonder if guys talk about us as much as we talk about them, amirite?

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waits for guy to answer

@SamG waits for guy to answer

Only to girls. Usually, whenever we talk about girls to each other, the conversation lasts about 23 seconds. Ish.

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Only if your conversations are equivilant in length to "Dat ass."

When I talk about girls with my friends, we say a number corresponding to their attractiveness

We do trust me, tho it's not always about "personality" or whatever the fuck you girls talk about XD

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We talk about you, just not as much as the average girl would talk about a guy. When my friends and I discuss girls, it's always along the lines of their attractiveness, if we'd date them or not, etc.

as much...no, but it does happen. honestly me and my friends do it most often whenever we've been out drinking and tryin to go to sleep...dunno why but thats just what we do

we dont.

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When we are talking over Xbox Live, my friends and I discuss girls a lot. If we'd do them, if we'd date them, personality and everything. But this happens only occasionally.

We wonder the same thing

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