Girls: It's so cute when a guy addresses a group of us as "ladies", amirite?

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"Hello Ladies"
Look at me, now look at your man, now LOOK at me

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This reminds me of Demetri Martin haha.

@StickCaveman This reminds me of Demetri Martin haha.

well at least youre not one of his angry fans....

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@StickCaveman This reminds me of Demetri Martin haha.

That's exactly what I was thinking. I can no longer take the word "ladies" seriously. It's just creepy.

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Yes :)

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I go to a really small school and whenever this one guy walks past us in the morning he says "hello ladies" and we always have to hold our laughter until he walks further down the hall. It is cute though :)

It is not, however, cute when they refer to us as "ladehs"

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It's not cute, it's slimey.

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