You want to punch all of those people that protested that gay soldiers funeral, amirite?

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One time that happened and a motorcycle gang (with the tatoos and leather jackets, the whole 9 yards) all parked in front of the protesters and just stared at them with their arms crossed. That shut them up

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Unless of course, the cat hadn't been born yet. Then they would call you a murderer of trying to kill a poor innocent unborn baby cat.

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Most of the time they're not even gay, they're just fighting for a country that doesn't kill gay people on the spot.

That was terrible. If they served our country they deserve a hero's funeral. Then with the shooting in Arizona, a group of protesters say that the deaths are because God is getting revenge on American for allowing homosexuals in the military. Seriously? I'm a Christian and I want to know what Bible they are reading because that's not the message I'm getting from it. It upsets me.

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They plan on protesting at a nine year old girl's funeral after she was killed in the Tuscon shooting a few days ago.

@Bethanytheravenclaw that is horrible. why on earth would they do that?

@955428 (thePretender): @955448 (helpmeimcrazy): You all obviously don't watch the news. First of all, the girl was Catholic, which the WBC also hates. They have also said that the girl is better off dead, because she would have brought “more of God’s wrath upon her head.”
Arizona's governor enacted an emergency legislation Tuesday night, and made protesting too close to a funeral illegal.

@Clay_ Obviously. It's annoying how everyone acts surprised though.

Everyone's surprised because they haven't been on the news as much recently, and because before they were protesting at soldier's funerals. As awful as that is, I guess no one figured they'd do it at the funeral of a little kid.

its amazing how stupid those people who protest those funerals are. the soldier died fighting for the country that he/she believes in. and those people have the audacity to go to their funeral and say their going to hell. its amazing that no one has seriously went over there and give them what they deserve.....

When a man sued them for protesting at his son's funeral, the judge awarded them to pay the man a lot of money. WBC appealed and won the case, causing the man whose son DIED to pay them. Where's the fairness in that?
If it wasn't for the soldiers who died for our freedom, those people wouldn't even have their right to burn the flag or protest funerals. It makes me sick.
My brother served two tours in Iraq. If he would have died and those bastards showed up, I would shove the "God hates America!" signs up their asses.

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@When a man sued them for protesting at his son's funeral, the judge awarded them to pay the man a lot of money. WBC...

(breksnafir):it may make u sick, but the rights that your brother so nobly fights for and defends are the same rights that allow these people the freedom to protest...
i can never agree with protesting at any deceased persons funeral. i can think of nothing more disrepectful.

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Karma is a bitch. They'll get what they deserve, hopefully sooner than later.

AMEN. I would do way more then punch those @ss holes! That gay man or woman fought for you and if you are too much of a coward to believe that a homosexual is no different than anyone else you need to switch places with them in the casket.

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me and one of my battle buddies confronted them one time and had a heated argument.. its like talkin to a rock so when we drove past we threw a rock at one of them

How evil do those people have to be?

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