It'd be amazing if you walked into a room and it was filled with all your lost stuff from over the years, amirite?

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I don't know. It might be pretty weird walking into a room full of pencils and board game pieces.

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room of requirement? :P

My virginity, and so on

I want that fireman Rescue Hero back, and that chip I lost.

@Roy I want that fireman Rescue Hero back, and that chip I lost.

Dude, how much do you think you spend on chips?

_RUMBLEROAR_s avatar _RUMBLEROAR_ Yeah You Are +3Reply

My 3ft tall Scooby-Doo.
And all of my missing socks.

Katffros avatar Katffro Yeah You Are +8Reply

So that's where all my barbie's shoes went!!

My room would be so full of stuff, I STILL wouldn't be able to find anything!

Hmm, I wonder what innocence and childhood look like.

Anonymous +6Reply

A room full of porn? wary smilie

Tacomunchers avatar Tacomuncher Yeah You Are +5Reply

Like in Halloweentown!

So THAT'S where my favorite book, my old school supplies, and my socks went!

muffinmonkeys avatar muffinmonkey Yeah You Are +4Reply

drowning in bobby pins

Rajs avatar Raj Yeah You Are +4Reply

who's the one douche that thumbed this down?
My mind would blow from all the nostalgia~

Ned's Declassified... :D

Piles and piles of lost worksheets....

All the clothes that get lost :/

528491s avatar 528491 Yeah You Are 0Reply

Really, though, that would be so cool.

Readers avatar Reader Yeah You Are 0Reply

IPOD TOUCH :D and lots and lots of homework, classwork, handouts about those projects I got marked down on for not reading the directions........socks.

OhPleases avatar OhPlease Yeah You Are 0Reply

Friends I had in preschool who I've forgotten the names of.

muffinmonkeys avatar muffinmonkey Yeah You Are 0Reply

Especially since I don't actually know when it was that I lost my mind.

Vrendowls avatar Vrendowl Yeah You Are 0Reply
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