School should have a court system, amirite?

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I'm thinking of that Drake and Josh episode where Mrs. Hayfer thinks Drake put her car in the room but it was really Mindy....is that just me?

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Here is bob, called to defend his position. Bob, did you or did you not interrupt Ms. Johnson's class?

Yes, bu...

Ms. Johnson, are you alleging that Bob's interference meant that the other children could not learn?



No excuses, bob. You shall spend recess in te classroom alone.


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@I didn't know you were a part of a school court system like that.

Please, how'd you think I got everyone to love me? Except for dumbledore. I forgot to take my Ritalin quite often before his class.

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Yeah, I know a lot of things in school are unfair, and the teacher's word is law, but it would too much time doing a makeshift court - with a judge, jury, and lawyer to represent client, I assume.

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Then MAYBE things wouldn't be so over dramatized and cruely punished at my school.

Teachers and other students are not there to be judges or jury's. I really don't know many teachers I'd trust with such authority.

Nowhere should have a court system. ANARCHY.

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