If everybody that I know had a book written about them I hope I get a significant role, not just some guy in the background that makes no difference to the story. Thats how you make a difference in this world, you don't need to do something amazing that saves lives, or to be some huge public figure. Just make a difference to the people who count, the ones that surround you everyday of your life... amirite?

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So... I guess this is my life philosophy now?

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@Child_Of_Gallifrey Thats a good thing to follow

Mine was "The meaning of life is to make life have meaning," but I'm not really into this philosophical shit.

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I agree with this :] . I believe that life is a gift and we have to make the best of it. My bio talks more about that but Just leting you know that I think this is a great quote.

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That'd be damn straight reading books about everyone.

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