The fourth Bourne film is going to be rubbish if Matt Damon isn't in it, amirite?

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YES! complete and utter.... wait rubbish? haha

Nooo they can't make a fourth one! D: they completed it wonderfully with the third one! Whether Matt Damon is in it or not, I have little to no faith in this movie. X(

Rubbish, I would have to agree. Rubbish.

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Kind of like Transformers 3 without Megan Fox.

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@Kind of like Transformers 3 without Megan Fox.

Except Transformers three is going to be a bijillion times better without her

They're making a fourth one??
And if they are why wouldn't it have him in it? I mean they are called the Bourne movies because of his character Jason Bourne so it's be like having a Shrek movie without Shrek.

I agree, Matt Damon we are used to and he's great at acting the role, but please people, the series was a BOOK series first, and in it there's over TEN books, true, not all by Robert Ludlum, but they cannot end it at 3 books!

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You go to Hell Matt Damon..

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