A person should have the right to die if they are terminally ill, amirite?

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They do it for animals so why can't they allow it for us? And the people who are determined enough just fly to countries where it's legal

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Euthanasia ftw. If i only had a month to live and all my organs were so badly damaged that even if their was a cure my organs would still be liquidated, i'd wanna die! Why go through all the pain just to die anyways?

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Jack Kevorkian SHOULD NOT have went to jail. That was some major BS.

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what good that could happen? They're TERMINALLY ILL, they're going to suffer a lot and then die.

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Cures don't happen overnight.

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The phrase "TERMINALLY ILL" would suggest that there is no cure for their condition. Also, it generally means the person has only a short amount of time left - which will be filled with pain and suffering, as Roxie said.

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If my mom could just drop dead right now.. she probably would. :(

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