Its next to impossible to look civilised while eating a mango, amirite?

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I eat mango like I eat pussy, ruthless and with no hope of survival

JxKing52s avatar JxKing52 Yeah You Are +5Reply

Cut it up into little cubes and eat with a fork. That's what we usually do...

Alyssas avatar Alyssa No Way +1Reply

If you cut off a side, make cuts like a grid, then flip it inside out. OR, you coukd eat it from the side, and just eat it with a spoon by scooping out bite-sized pieces. As for the middle, well, I cant help you there.

This is my dilemma when I bring a mango to school for lunch. At home, I eat them will total abandon.

_Jojo_s avatar _Jojo_ Yeah You Are +1Reply

I like to eat mangoes when they're still sour. Then I make a mix of salt, pepper, soy sauce and other spices to eat it with. Yummm! ____^

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@xoxjulieexoxo civilized*

civilised* in my part of the world.

xsTarKid_taMiExs avatar xsTarKid_taMiEx Yeah You Are +3Reply

I hate mangos.

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