What if hair actually has feelings..and each time we straighten our hair it screams bloody murder but it just isn't loud enough for us to hear...and the poor things are destined to suffer with being burned at 400 degrees between two hot plates for forever and eternity.. amirite?

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Your barber is like Hitler to them.

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My hair is evil and deserves what it gets.

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It's dead cells.

Hair is made up of protein (keratin) it has no sensory inputs.

And then hair would have different class systems - the ones on the top of your head, the eyebrows, facial hair, chest hair, pubic hair, etc.

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We really better stop teasing it then http://instantrimshot.com/

Yeah! My hair may seem thick from the outside, but it's actually really sensitive!!!

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that's why I've never used a straightener. I feel like I'd be hurting my hair. That can't be good for it.

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@Monarchry (fuustoleit) Hair is made up of protein, no feelings.

Yeah, I know that, I just don't feel that it's good for my hair. It's really sensitive.

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