Those damn astrologists! First Pluto, now the Zodiac signs. What are they going to say next? The sun is a star? Psh, amirite?

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I never really gave a damn about astrology, or really the solar system other than "Oh, that's interesting".

Still call Pluto a planet, and for the zodiac signs, see what the general feeling is for future generations (Ie, when the kids born 2009 are in their teens/20s, what do they go by).

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It was astronomers that decided Pluto wasn't a planet. It's too small and didn't form with the other planets and the sun.
Anyways astrology and astronomy are very different, the main difference being astrology is bull...

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I'm still going to say I'm a Gemini and I grew up with Pluto as a planet.

now that would be pure shenanigans!

@SamG now that would be pure shenanigans!

Madness. Simply madness.

Btw, I love your use of the word shenanigans. Sadly, it's a very underused words nowadays.

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The sign change only applies to people born after 2009

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According to scientific theory only the " Sun, moon and sundry planets from Jupiter to Mars, interfere with the Earth's magnetic feilds. In doing so, the unborn offspring of expectant mothers around the world are exposed to different magnetic fields that toy with the development of their budding brains."

the constellations are just like a calender to keep track of what magnetic fields occurred around the time you were born, so really nothing has changed! Unless you have a tattoo of your star-sign..then you're kinda screwed..lol

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The sun IS a star.

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@The sun IS a star.

Obviously you don't know basic astronomy. The Sun is definitely a taco.

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@The sun IS a star.

OMFG I DIDN'T KNOW!!!!! Mind = Blown

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@The sun IS a star.

WTF? Why is there a star orbiting the earth???

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