Where did they get some of these capital letters? Some pairs make sense like kK, cC, oO but others like aA, dD, qQ, gG dont make any sense. Where do they even come up with those? amirite?

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A is an upside down ox's head.

@ProudMary A is an upside down ox's head.

I will never look at it the same way again

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@jasmineee123 I will never look at it the same way again

The others are even funnier, but harder to explain:P. Anyway, it's basically because capital letters and cursive ones(cursive referring to the way i'm writing now as well) had different origins, and all of them went from one culture to another, evolving in different directions. That's because rather than having each culture invent writing, they just copied one another. This way, the meaning of the original letter was lost in translation, literally.
Most of the original letters depicted an object using that letter(such as D, which was the original letter for hand and was a drawing of a hand), and modified to fit a word in the new language(it was then rotated to the shape we use now to fit the word for door). It's all a big cycle:D.

....I am sorry. I'm a nerd. TL;DR:The alphabet makes sense if you're a big enough nerd to study it

@ProudMary A is an upside down ox's head.

omg i just found that out! did u get it from the CAHSEEs?

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