Unless you work as a cashier at a supermarket, you always wondered how the moving conveyer belt you set your groceries on knows when to stop. Is there a button? A sensor at the bottom? amirite?

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It's obviously magic. Goddamn tooth fairy was out of work because kids don't put their teeth under their pillows anymore, so all the stores pay her in synthetic teeth to sit under the belts and stop them when your shit gets to the cashier. Just don't tell anyone I told you, because she doesn't like people knowing.

Are you kidding? There is a (invisable) laser at the end of the belt, when the beam gets blocked ie stuff got to the end of the belt, the belt deactivates.

I thought everyone knew that.

Haha, you've never played with the laser to make the belt start and stop?

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There's a big button on the side of the counter that the cashier hits with their hip or hand. I think... that's how it is in some stores over here.

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I noticed the little laser that detected objects near the end of the conveyor belt a few weeks ago, I got super excited. It's like the ones people have in their garages so the door doesn't crush someone.

both? yes...

the ones in my area use a button. . .

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I've seen a button, or the worker just touches the conveyor belt and it moves to them.

There is a pedal , last time I've seenl and there's an ad about conveyors

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When I was a kid I'd go and secretly mess with the sensor, so it would keep moving after all the groceries were gone. Nobody ever discovered me.. (:

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Yes, they are.

There is a pedal , and only a pedal

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noobs don't know

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