Nobody can successfully yawn or sneeze while looking attractive, amirite?

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I'm the same way, I know how you feel :)


Attractive isn't always sexy, but sexy is usually attractive. Still, you're right, they're different.


True XD

I just have this fascination for language and lately I've been really interested in, well the meaning of words, their denotation, connotation, etc

So I'm just constantly noticing things like this

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I was going to say this, but... Well, sexy isn't exactly the same as attractive. Not necessarily (yada yada yada, nagging on correct use of words)

Though yawning certainly can be attractive

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Babies and animals can look super cute while doing either of those things.

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I don't think this is true, personally.

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So that's why I can never yawn or sneeze...

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Except cats :)

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