If web sites were a family, MLIA would be the annoying, cliche tween cousin, Six Billion Secrets the depressing widowed great-aunt, OMG Facts the wise old grandpa, FML the snappy, complaining mom, and amirite the overly-opinionated teenage son, amirite?

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And GMH would be the teenage daugher who posts inspirational quotes on Facebook.

And facebook would be the super cool and socializing uncle.

Mayas avatar Maya Yeah You Are +17Reply

I'm calling POTD on this one.

GiggityGoo22s avatar GiggityGoo22 Yeah You Are +14Reply
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But SBS would be convinced no one loves them except that stranger who once told them they had nice hair.

Statefarms avatar Statefarm Yeah You Are +30Reply

Some six billion secrets posts have actual legitimate concerns.

mchalla3s avatar mchalla3 Yeah You Are +1Reply

Most are made up, which is sad. There was once this post that this guy made about FMA, it was so funny how it got past the mods.

mchalla3s avatar mchalla3 Yeah You Are 0Reply

And instagram is the wannabe hipster teenage daughter, and twitter the egotistical "cool" son.

Or daughter. wary smilie

I am sensing a future potd.

Ya, I'll hop on the bandwagon and vote this for potd

Graverottis avatar Graverotti Yeah You Are 0Reply

this post has so much win.

CloKamalis avatar CloKamali Yeah You Are -1Reply

....I haven't heard of any of these except MLIA. And I've only heard about that from people on here talking shit about it.

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