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I took BATHS man.

Anonymous +22Reply

Dude I'd take baths and make fricken tidal waves!

I had my Polly Pockets climb the nozzle cord and investigate ancient ruins behind the waterfall.

FlyingGuineaPigs avatar FlyingGuineaPig Yeah You Are +7Reply

When I took bath's as a kid all you had to give me was a cup and some bubbles and I was entertained for hours on end.

CrazyKKs avatar CrazyKK Yeah You Are +4Reply

What else could I have possibly done?..

You forgot to mention masturbating

Samiras avatar Samira No Way +3Reply

What do you mean by when you were a kid, I still do all that stuff!

Anonymous +2Reply

I kept lookin around the corner for a murderer/rapist, but I still do that

whatahosss avatar whatahoss Yeah You Are +1Reply

Or acted like calvin in Calvin and hobbes and thrashed around and fussed about taking a shower/bath :)

theultraraptors avatar theultraraptor Yeah You Are 0Reply

And then I'd pretend to be superwoman with my towel as a cape.

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