It would suck for someone straight to be named Gay. Introducing yourself would be awkward. "Hi! I'm Gay!" amirite?

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Or you can just change it to greg.
But it will always be gaylord focker! Don't live a lie!

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Or they could say, "Hi, my name is Gay."

@CarmelFuzzy Or they could say, "Hi, my name is Gay."

lol but then you get into this conversation
"Hi, my name is Gay."
"I'm sure it's not that bad... what's your name?"
"No! my name literally is gay"
"names can't be homosexual dude"

It would be even more awkward if you were gay and your name was Gay. "Hi, I'm Gay... as in gay is my name, not as in I'm homosexual... I actually am gay though. As in homosexual this time."

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Worse yet, if you were named "retard". Then you'd have to say "Hi, Asdpaocm aiouceakl." and have your carer do the talking for you.

Someone wrote a book for teachers and her name was Gay Sung or something like that and since I was like 10, I said "That guy must've been made fun of a lot when he was in middle school." Then my mom told me he was actually a she and that her book was very informative and we shouldn't judge people based on their names blah blah blah.

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It is an actual name; a family friend of mine (a woman) is named Gay. Not that awkward if you're mature enough to handle it

Add an air of mystery by changing your surname to Orramai. As in "Hi, I'm gay...or am I?"

It's not awkward just for straight people. I'd imagine it's awkward for anyone to have to seem like they're introducing their sexual orientation first.

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My grandmother is called Gay :/
It's really awkward when my friends look through my email or phone contacts, they ALWAYS have a laughing fit.

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Or the name Christian.
"Hi! Im Christian!"
"grumble Im atheist, deal with it."

I went to the shops the other day, and the checkout lady does the standard "How are you today?", and I go to reply with the standard "I'm Good", but then try to say "I'm okay", and it comes out "I'm gay"

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