It would be very awkward if you wrote a girl a symphony and she hated it, amirite?

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i guess tia's on my side now

Evan17s avatar Evan17 Yeah You Are +24Reply

Why is the no way number negative ._.

foo_js avatar foo_j Yeah You Are +13Reply

Anyone else notice the no way number is negative?

simonwang12s avatar simonwang12 Yeah You Are +7Reply

It'd be even more awkward if you cut your ear off for her and she hated it.

Anonymous +6Reply

Nope. But omg the no way number is negative :o

theplaymakers avatar theplaymaker Yeah You Are +5Reply

Yeah it would suck but how the heck is the no way number negative?

Gleeks avatar Gleek Yeah You Are +4Reply

no girl could ever hate a symphony that you wrote for her. it's just such a sweet thing to do :)

StripedElfSockss avatar StripedElfSocks Yeah You Are +3Reply

This is a good post, but I have a feeling people only favourited this because of the negative now ways

Anonymous +2Reply

I'm glad I'm not the only one seeing the negative no ways... I thought I had gone totally wackado...

Even if for whatever reason she did hate it, unless she's the worlds biggest cunt she would probably pretend to love it because it's such a sweet gesture.

Thatbitchs avatar Thatbitch Yeah You Are +1Reply
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