It should be a law that in order to TEACH technology to students, a teacher should have to know how to use the technology BETTER than students, amirite?

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That's asking a lot. Some teenagers have programmer dads who taught them how to take apart and rebuild a computer from scratch, and they study html in their spare time. There's no way an underpaid public school teacher is going to know all that. That doesn't mean they can't be helpful for the students who are average and can use some help learning the basics.

Those who can't do, teach.

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yeah its sad when the student knows how to do the subject better than the teacher

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Haha yeah and your probably what fourteen thinking you know better than everyone?

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No, just in general, when teachers bring technology into the classroom to do projects with, etc. they try to teach you but end up asking the class more questions than the class asks them

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my business teacher tried to teach us microsoft excel, and i ended up teaching like half of the skills to the class because he had no idea what he was doing... it was also the first time i used it... just goes to show you that screwing around on programs does actually help sometimes.

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