Sometimes there are just those moments where you think "Yep, I'm going to hell ", amirite?

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-minimizes dead baby jokes webpage-

No, no I don't believe I've had that moment.

You're going to shit?

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@You're going to shit?

uh, my stupid computer changes the word hell...

Blearslyrarers avatar Blearslyrarer Yeah You Are +2Reply

Definitely for laughing at a guy in a wheel chair fall down an escalator

LoveLove77s avatar LoveLove77 Yeah You Are +4Reply

Who ever said "No way" is going to hell for lying.

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Lol, once in the hall way some kid pushing another kid in a wheel chair and he accidently pushed him into someone else XD

Like on Supernatural when Dean when back in time and saw the younger version of their mom, ''Sammy, wherever you are, mom is a babe. I'm going to hell. Again''

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and I'm proud of it...

PublicAccounts avatar PublicAccount Yeah You Are +1Reply

Shota and loli and yaoi, oh my.
Just leavin' that there.

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All the cool people are going to hell, myself included.

greatrandes avatar greatrande Yeah You Are 0Reply

Every time I reflect on my atheism.

YuZs avatar YuZ Yeah You Are -2Reply
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