If you had a purse worth 1,000 dollars and trapped inside of it was 100 dollars, you would destroy the purse to get to the money instead of selling the purse. amirite?

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I fail to see your logic, ∴ ono smilie

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If a purse was worth $1000, one better be able to open it. Nobody on the planet would pay $1000 for a purse that can't be opened. This post is about 30 yards from logical.

Or, I could spend my time claiming 'IT'S A SATCHEL!'

Or I could zip open the purse, get the 100 dollars, then sell the purse y smilie

@The money is trapped. Herp.

Sorry, must of missed that part. But still, why would a purse that can't be opened be made in the first place?

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You're much too logical.

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the purse would lose most of it's value if it didn't work.

Are you fucking stupid, OP?

@Montana Don't hate.

Well really, there's no logic in it at all. If you knew that the purse was worth 1,000 dollars, and I assume that you would know that since it is stated, why would you demolish the purse for only a tenth of the amount inside? Has no logic at all to it.

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You should try reading the comments above you. Or the post. It helps a lot.

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