We should have teacher elections in schools, where there should be a voting booth and everything and those teachers with the lowest votes would get fired - perfect way for kids to get good teachers and the students to be happy, amirite?

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So the teachers we'll have left are the ones that don't assign shit? The ones who let their students do whatever they want? Sounds just perfect. ono smilie

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Too bad a lot of times kids love the teachers who are nice and stuff....BUT DON'T ACTUALLY TEACH ANYTHING!

I'd feel bad for the teachers getting fired. "Well, none of your students like you, so you're out of a job. Goodbye."

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That's bound to turn out badly

Hey, this teacher gives out homework every night then makes us go over it in class and do test corrections for everything. That teacher gives us an assignment twice a week, grades it based on whether it's done, not right answers, and never goes over tests. Plus they bring cookies everything other Friday!

ono smilie if only students were responsible...

At first I thought that this was unfair, but changed my mind immediately when I thought of my Enlglish teacher...

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I would agree with students handing in assessments of teachers, but only if those assessments are a secondhand factor to an evaluation of a teacher by a responsible adult.

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Yeah, but the students better be serious....

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I don't think that would work, I know I prefer the teachers who don't teach anything and don't care what you do, but I know that would turn out badly.

They do this in college (or at least, it's part of how they decide who gets tenure, or promoted), when you're responsible enough to know what a good teacher actually is.

I would have liked to have this in high school, though, some of my teachers were seriously insane (one would break down crying at least twice a week, then be fine for about 10 minutes, then someone would say something stupid and she would start throwing things).

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