Racism could be seen as jealousy, white people are jealous of chinese and indian people because they are so smart, but nobody will ever be jealous of black people, amirite?

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Actually retard, I have a master's degree and a Ph.D and am helping to find a cure for cancer. And guess what? I'm black. So just shut it. You're doing nothing for society when you post this. I can't believe that this isn't over.

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I wish I was Asian sometimes. Then my marks would be awesome.

In this country Asians get the good marks,
Blacks make the good music and do well in sports
Mexicans make the good food
White poeple take the credit.

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Listened to the radio lately? Have you seen a sporting event lately? Black people are beasts, be jealous.

Dude... Black people are cool like whoa.

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@Dude... Black people are cool like whoa.

(a nonny mouse): Black people are the best kind of people.

Black people get scholarships to college just for being black.

@PutyaspoonsupOK Black people get scholarships to college just for being black.

i guess that is the sorry for the whole slavery thing

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Black people have big dicks/asses; You're not jealous of that?

@ThisChick Black people have big dicks/asses; You're not jealous of that?

I actually heard that all races have the same average erect penis size.

So why's there so much racism towards black people?

Black people run fast

No offense but I feel more sorry for the Jews than I do for the Blacks. Just throwing that out there.

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I love this post because you give Indian people credit for their intellect. Most people just think of Oriental-Asian.

They can dance really well they are good at sports and I have always heard they do have bigger male parts then other races.and the women can usually sing very well.. There are reasons. I imagine this post is a joke though.


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Yeeeaaahhh....to sum it up: OP is probably trollin'.

The "nobody likes blacks" thing was random, but whatever.

i hate one of my classmates.He pissed me off. Because i am Asian and not fluent in english that doesn't mean i am stupid and don't know what he is thinking about. He really shows NO respect and kinda racist. when he said to another white girl " think twice before you go to xx school, becasue there are a lot of Asians." I really wanna punch his face..

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YYA'd this because the last part of the post. Made me lol.

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