My school system sucks because they are dropping drivers ed AND they are going to have all white, all black, and all hispanic schools. It's like they are teaching about being racist and it'll feel like the early 1900's all over again, amirite?

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I love how you categorize dropping Drivers Ed just as important as segregating schools.

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Google it. The dude isn't giving all of the information.

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I'm serious about this too.

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they're separating the schools by race??
what state do you live in?

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@they're separating the schools by race?? what state do you live in?

Wake county, North Carolina. The new people on the school board made this decision. We just got a new superintendent(or whatever it is called) a month ago. It's ridiculous!!!

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wow that's sad that that's still going on, that's why i hate living in the south.

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this in no way shape or form can be legal, somethings up with that shitt.

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I want to NW this because of the first part, but I agree with the second part, gah what a dilemma. I guess I won't vote then.

This really isn't right at all... I can't believe this crap is still going on.
I can't believe this is legal!

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Damn, that's worse than what my new principle did to my school last year. Goodbye forever middle school.

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wow lol it really is sad though i mean it shows that racism is still alive

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