It sucks when you're Facebook stalking someone and you accidentally click like on something, amirite?

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Click 'unlike'. :D

@TheCovertConverser Click 'unlike'. :D

Some people get e-mails when someone likes their status/photo etc.

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Right after I read this I went to someone elses page on here and accidentally clicked 'Add as friend'

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Definitely had this happen to me. One time I was looking at my friend's status comments on my newsfeed, and this kid i know but i'm not friends with was talking about his trouble with keeping off weight despite eating healthy, and i accidently liked it. my roommate was laughing so hard as i frantically pressed the unlike button.

That kid probably hates me now. awkward. ha.

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That happens to me WAY too often.

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I was stalking my brothers friend's profile, and he had made one of those face-in-holes, and it was of this girl he knew in this stripper-maid-barely any clothing-outfit. I accidentally clicked like. Its awkward 'cause I'm a girl too...

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