Girls: You wonder if it is awkward when guys stay the night with one another and wake up with a morning wood. amirite?

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This would only be a problem if they fell asleep spooning each other..?

Nah, my guy friend stays over and we notice but it's whatever. Nothing really. Kay girls?

I can honestly say I haven't thought about this...

Not awkward at all.

eh...it would be kinda difficult to manage an erection with surrounded by so many dicks.

It's even more awkward if no one notices hello smilie

its only awkward when they don't realize they have one and turn to talk to you haha

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I've had it happen before. Not to me, but had a mate sleeping over, and we shared a bed (nothing suss) and he got a boner in his sleep.

by a 'wood'do mean an erection?

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@by a 'wood'do mean an erection?

No, she means when guys wake up with a plank of plywood tearing through their pants, doesn't that happen to you?

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