You get nervous when you're taking a math test and you get a weird answer, like 5/13, amirite?

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Wait till calculus. There won't even be numbers. Muhahahahahahahaha

usually i get worried when i get like 71543.13298219901891048390574322.
5/13 isn't that bad.

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Yep, I don't know what math class you're in, but soon you'll realize that 5/13 is a gift from God.

at least 5/13 is a nice fraction. Getting some random un-reducable decimal is worse

Wait a few years, teachers will tell you to write only 6 decimals

that's my birthday, so i would probably be like "YAYYY i must have gotten it right"

I hate working with fractions. I never, ever use them unless I have to and convert every and all fractions to decimal form. The teacher gets -pissed- when he has to check my decimal results as he probably has the correct answer in fraction form :))

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