It looks like in 6 years at hogwarts, only two people had a shower/bath, Harry and Cedric. amirite?

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Oliver Wood nearly drowned himself in the shower.

At least it wasn't together. Although Cedric was giving Harry some... "Tips". wary smilie

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Even though we never hear of them, showers at Hogwarts must be freaking awesome...

I've always noticed that no one ever goes to the bathroom, brushes their teeth, etc. But then again, no one wants to read about that. The books also don't mention when they ever bought Christmas presents for each other. But I guess that's not important either.

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Ron once took a shower after Quidditch practice.

@AccioHorcrux Ron once took a shower after Quidditch practice.

Yep, that one time. Out of so many years :)

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Probably most Ravenclaws, Hermione, and the teachers had a spell for staying clean... except for Snape.

who wants to read/ watch about people having showers or going to the bathroom? its a movie about wizards and witches? HAHA

what about percy?

oh yeah that's right

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Yeah I always wondered that...I mean what did the girls do when they got their period?Did they have some pads that don't leak?Or drank some potions?
But yes it WOULD be pretty boring to read about someone taking a bath and washing their teeth.

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I remember watching the boys at hogwarts shower.
I used to sit in the bushes.
Trust me... a LOT more boys bathed than Harry and Cedric.

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