It'd odd that we wear shoes when the foot was designed to be walked on. In reality, we only wear shoes to counter the other man made hazards to our feet, amirite?

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Yeah, like snow, dog shit, sticks, bugs and things like rocks, sand and other natural surfaces that have been heated to a thousand fucking degrees by the greatest man made invention of all. The sun! Not to mention that the native americans made shoes for themselves, and we all know how much they were into making glass and nails and then leaving them all over the ground! Man, this post is genius!

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I created thorns/sharp plants with my bare hands to promote shoes.
u liek?

nuh uh sharp pebbles hurt :(

@Scup nuh uh sharp pebbles hurt :(

They wouldn't after a few years of calloused skin.

Hookworms are man-made? Who knew!

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err, how about the fact I'm not allowed in school without shoes? I would totally go the day without them...but nooo

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its the thickest part of your skin. (the thinnest is your eyelids :P)

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Every tried to step through a thorn bush?

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