You can make anything sound badass if you put the right spin on it. For example: Once a year in a human's life, to celebrate their continuing survival, food is created for them in an inferno hot enough to kill a man. That food is then lit ablaze and presented to the surviving one for them to extinguish with only their breath and then consume. amirite?

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Imagine Morgan Freeman saying that.

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That deep-voiced Allstate insurance salesman you see in the commercials

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Those are the two most beautiful things that have ever graced my brain :D

And strange how the above post was posted on my birthday as well xD

(And I noticed the AVPS Umbridge o3o
'Didya get my text? Well ya didn't text me back'.)

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Yes, the previous POTD inspired the idea for this, but honestly, how is it copying? We both put our own spin on he idea of a birthday, both our ideas being completely different from eachother.

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I thought it was inspired by polarthebear.

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Half of the reason I like this because it's my birthday.

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@MrRite Indeed, happy birthday!

Awh, thank you!! I really ought to stop smiling, my face hurts. :D

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You rang?

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