People shouldn't get made fun of just because they're unique, amirite?

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unless "unique" is their name and they have an identical twin.

Okay, well there's "unique," and then there's "I'm-going-to-be-super-duper-in-your-face-and-annoying because-I'm-'unique'-and-I-should-be-allowed-to-do-whatever-I-want-because-it's-a-free-country."
Things that are 'unique' but still not okay: constantly references tacos, saying "the ceiling" when replying to "what's up?", telling me obvious things like I have a face, liking a whole bunch of pages on Facebook and then saying them in normal conversation, etc. The list goes on.

What I'm trying to say here is that different is beautiful, but stupidity and being snarky are not.

ew gross, a unicorn. un smilie

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Some like to call it unique..

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