Someone should make a knife that's coated in butter (or nutella, mayonnaise, etc) so that when you have to cut open a bun, it will butter it at the same time you cut through it, amirite?

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or, you could cover the knife in butter, and then cut the bun.

Or a spoon that fills up with milk when you eat cereal so that your cereal doesn't get soggy.

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@_RUMBLEROAR_ Or a spoon that fills up with milk when you eat cereal so that your cereal doesn't get soggy.

That'd be insane. Like, the handle (have to be pretty big) is filled with milk, and you press a lever to fill up the top of the spoon.
I shall invent that one day.

I have a feeling the butter/nutella/mayonnaise would all be scraped off by the outside of the bun.

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THIS IS WHY AMERICA HAS AN OBESITY PROBLEM! Because of ideas like this! It'll only take like 3 more seconds to do it in two steps!

I feel like this wouldn't work as well as it would seem.

Or you could be smart and put the butter or nutella on the knife yourself before cutting open the bread. Or better yet, stop being lazy, cut open the bread, and then put the spread on it.


im assuming you dont have hands/arms as you need someone else to do this for you.

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This is idiotic. Like people have said, not only does this make lazy people's lives easier and possible raise obesity, these knives would probably run out of said spread and then be thrown away, contributing to the massive waste problem.

Metal utensils, on the other hand, make you work and are reusable. Let's stick with those.

How would you wash it?

its a good idea in theory, but the stuff on it will go bad

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Great for cannibals!

god, how i love the people that shoot down ideas! makes my life worth living.
toss this flaming wreck of an idea in the trash and get back to the drawing board

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This is so stupid but so ingenius at the same time...

I'm surprised you're not an American.

@Eminna I'm surprised you're not an American.

Lmao, what's really surprising is I don't even like sandwhiches :S

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