you would wonder how the guitarist in dragon force plays through the fire and flames, amirite?

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They're actually fake, they record the song normal speed and then speed it up after. I've seen them live and they play their songs so slow... its' horrifying

@littletank Yeah I hear they actually suck

Actually, they said that the one tour that they couldn't do it was because the technician was horrible and he didnt tune the guitars right, or plug them in correctly, or give them good guitars. And apparently, they performed live pretty well all the other times

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He's really not that amazing. Not even one of the top 10 fastest guitar players.

He plays with his hands.

And the fact that the band has more than one guitarist. Props should go to the drummer. He is nasty!

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Pics or it didnt happen.

The only people I know who COULD do it is Santana and Orithani...

And of coarse Ryan Newman...

Isn't there 2 guitarists? That's what I heard

Actually, I heard they used a keyboard... who knows.

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