You can always trust a dishonest man to be dishonest. It's the honest man you should not trust, for you never know when he will be dishonest, amirite?

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Trying to steal my ideas, mate?

JohnnyDepps avatar JohnnyDepp Yeah You Are +14Reply

we all totally read that in johnny's voice

Icels avatar Icel Yeah You Are +7Reply

Pirates quote ftw. <3

kayawithpigs avatar kayawithpig Yeah You Are +4Reply

I<33333this movie.

xxnkatxxs avatar xxnkatxx Yeah You Are +2Reply

The quote is wrong. It is suppose to be "It is the honest man you need to look out for, because you never know when they will do something incrediably stupid"

Anonymous +2Reply

Well then I guess you're screwed..

So what now? No man can be trusted to be honest????

Ahaha, I watched this movie just the other morning. Fantastic no matter how many times you see it. :)

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But what if the liar decides to tell the truth?

I was going to comment on the awesomeness of Jack Sparrow, but I see others have beaten me to it. Anyways, he's amazing.

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