The first band that you got really into was a punk rock or a punk pop band, amirite?

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Green Day so you actually got it dead on

Anonymous +10Reply

Blink-182 and Sum 41. Gotta love those number bands.

Nah, the first band I ever really got into was Iron Maiden :)

simple plan in middle school!

Samiras avatar Samira Yeah You Are +4Reply

Three days grace.

Anonymous +4Reply

Relient K in like, 9th grade.

Nope, Backstreet Boys.

jcad16s avatar jcad16 No Way +3Reply

My Chemical Romance

Anonymous +3Reply

RHCP ftw

All Time Low ftw :)

Anonymous +1Reply

Not entirely...Goo Goo Dolls


...Snoop Dogg isn't a band

Paramore. I still like them, but now they're kind of... meh

I hate linkin park now

Meerkats avatar Meerkat Yeah You Are 0Reply

Radiohead FTW

_RUMBLEROAR_s avatar _RUMBLEROAR_ Yeah You Are 0Reply
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