Music shouldn't be gender-specific. Why shouldn't a girl like Iron Maiden or a guy have Lady Gaga on his iPod, Amirite?

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I don't think girls take much crap for listening to hair metal(I never have; most guys think it's cool), but I can definitely see a guy being teased for listening to Lady Gaga(assuming he isn't gay). shrug It's not fair, but what is? The way I see it, men created this stereotype of "manly man" themselves to feel superior, so if that ends up limiting what's socially acceptable... well, who do they have to blame but themselves? Women(ok; most women!) have been working hard to change our image for decades, and we're still not done- men will have to make a similar commitment if they want to be able to dispel the "masculine" stereotype. I'm not saying no guy has, but more men are likely to shun those rule-breaking men, while women generally stand by one another on such matters.

@Black_No_1 I don't think girls take much crap for listening to hair metal(I never have; most guys think it's cool), but I can...

Haha, going to say basically what you said.

Although it's interesting, in my media class, we did the topic of Australian masculinity (although obviously unique, Australian society is similar to other Western countries) and how masculinity in women is more accepted than femininity in men.

The movie we analysed was Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, about drag queens travelled through the outback, and there's one scene where they enter a small town bar dressed up to the nines, and a very butch woman insults them. And just the conflicting messages - that the drag queens, feminine men were outsiders in that atmosphere, weren't welcome, just a very masculine woman was one of the gang, was one of the key topics - that "manliness" is favoured in both men and women, yet "girlyness" is only acceptable for women.

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I find it pretty idiotic when someone is judged based on the music they listen to. Music is mathematically pleasing to your ears, and it varies from person to person. Meaning people can't control what they like.

My grandpa owns a lady gaga cd....

I know this guy, who reaaaally likes Lady Gaga, and I think it's pretty cool. However, it's really funny to hear him belting out "Boys Boys Boys" by her, especially since he's not gay.

I've got two tickets to Iron Maiden, baby... Come with me Friday, don't say maybe...

I'm a guy, and I think Lady Gaga kicks ass.

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Because both of those artists suck balls

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