Its weird how you say you're from the United States, but you wouldn't say the Canada. amirite?

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Not really, "United" is an adjective and "Canada" is a proper noun. Just like how you wouldn't say "I'm from the America".

The is part of the title. The united states

"Canada" is not plural. "States" is.

There you go.

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Our country is called The United States of America, not United States of America. Actually learn the name of the country before you say stuff like that...

The Antarctic

The Philippines.

no shit sherlock.

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Oh my god. It has nothing to do with adjectives and proper nouns, guys. The name of the country between Canada and Mexico is "The United States of America." That is the full name. -_-

This lack of education makes me cry and cringe a little on the inside and makes me wonder why I came to study in THE United States.

The Ukraine, The Netherlands, The United Arab Emirates.

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There is a the in the name when the country has states or republic or empire or something in its name. For example the United states or the peoples republic of china. Countries like Canada or Japan are just my themselves. (There is no the in Ukraine, everyone says it and I forget not to say it a lot but it isn't actually part of the name and I have a Ukraine friend who gets really pissed whenever anyone says the Ukraine)

It's just because it's plural if it was canadas then you would say "I'm from the canadas"

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I think OP is is an uneducated hillbilly. YEE-HAHH.

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