Once you go Asian you never go Caucasian, amirite?

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...why so many dislikes? This isn't racist or stereotyping. It's not prejudice. It's a short, light joke.

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no smilie

Suns avatar Sun No Way +6Reply

Once you do a señor, you're a whore.

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@Once you do a señor, you're a whore.

What if you lost your virginity to a señor?

Madies avatar Madie Yeah You Are 0Reply

Once you go Asian, you never miss an equation!

Come the fuck on, what's with all the dislikes? It's a clever parody of the "once you go black" line.

TheHackers avatar TheHacker Yeah You Are +5Reply

Who would want to be white anyway.

Anonymous +4Reply

That's the power of Asian persuasion.

Once you go Asian, you run back to Caucasian because the Asian penis wasn't big enough for you.

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Half Asian, half Caucasian.. I do not know what to think. @.@

JoyStars avatar JoyStar Yeah You Are +2Reply

I had no idea you could change your race.

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