While they may be romantic once in a while, not every girl wants an emotionally insecure, sentimental, acoustic guitar-playing pansy who wears skinny jeans and converse all the time. Sometimes, you just want a real man to make you feel safe and protected, amirite?

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Sometimes? ALL the time, baby.

I don't want a boy that weighs a mere 10 pounds more than me. I want a man with some muscle on him, that could carry me to bed and have his way with me.

I don't want a boy whose jeans look just like mine. I want a man who wears a suit instead of the suit wearing him.

Simply put, I don't want a boy. I want a man - someone who takes care of himself and knows how to take care of a family too.

Etherials avatar Etherial Yeah You Are +30Reply

I find that, although they're almost impossible to find, the men who are comfortable with their masculinity and don't need to "prove" that they're a "man" are the most attractive.

amotions avatar amotion Yeah You Are +27Reply

It would've been "so offensive" if a guy had said something similar but about what they wanted in a girl.

Kaitlyns avatar Kaitlyn No Way +13Reply

No one wants a guy in skinny jeans

Anonymous +1Reply

Wait, so-
Converse and a guitar makes someone 'not a real man?'

Anonymous +1Reply

I am not attracted to really skinny guys with no muscle. Like, i feel like im over-powering whenever i am with them. So i like big guys. XD

Anonymous 0Reply

No, I pretty much want that all the time. XD

Real man + guitar = WIN!

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