12-15 year old girls: just because you have curly blond hair does not mean you look like Taylor swift...sorry, amirite?

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but...bu....b...MY MOMMY SAYS I DO!

Montanas avatar Montana Yeah You Are +26Reply

Taylor Swift: just because you have curly blonde hair, it doesn't mean you're still 15, amirite?

HopeImrites avatar HopeImrite Yeah You Are +15Reply

I know! My friend has curly blond hair and everyone says she looks like Taylor Swift, but she doesn't at all except for her hair.

sansas avatar sansa Yeah You Are +10Reply

I accept your apology.

So girls younger or older do?

SEXY_BEASTs avatar SEXY_BEAST Yeah You Are +5Reply
@SEXY_BEAST So girls younger or older do?

3 year olds with long blonde hair are popping up all over actually.

Anonymous +11Reply

Can't say I've ever met anyone with curly blonde hair that says they look like Taylor Swift.


Anonymous +1Reply

wow. who pissed you off?

Anonymous -3Reply

or kesha..

Anonymous -4Reply
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