It's stupid how for boys to impress girls, they have to love her, hug her, put her first, tell her she's beautiful every day, tell her she's loved every day, know when she's sad, text her first, and go to the end of the world and back for her. For girls to impress guys, all they need to do is show up naked with a beer. And a friend couldn't hurt either, amirite?

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about the second part...not really. we have to work on our appearance a lot. how excited would you be if a fat chick showed up in nothing but her socks with a bottle of molsen in her rolls? exactly.

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@Francois We're not blind and we have standards y'know

thats what she was saying... this post acts like a guy will sleep with any willing female, when in actuality, girls have to be subtly sexy while not a prude, have a flawless face, generally quirky and interesting without being annoying. So, no, girl's DON'T have it easy

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“Oh, it is indeed a burning shame that there would be one law for men and another law for women. I think that there should be no law for anybody” - Oscar Wilde

...oh my gosh the second time I read through that, I thought it said "love her, drug her," and I was like what?? XD

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The reasons girls expect all that stuff, is because they do it for THEIR boyfriends.

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