It's easier to solve a 9x9 rubik's cube, blindfolded, on a unicycle, while jumping through a ring of fire over a pool full with sharks, than understanding women. amirite?

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I think understanding women is easier than "understandig" women.

Well, don't try to understand 'women' because they're all different. Try focusing on one individual at a time, instead of putting them all in the same category. It would be a lot less complex if you don't compare them all, that could get very confusing. This could be a start. Yada yoyo. This that here. Nice nice.

The other comments are completely right. And I hate how girls get all the blame for being confusing. Guys are hard as hell to understand too. I don't think either sex understands the other.

My guy friend can do the first one... theres a step.

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It'd be easier to pee in a cup that's spinning on a record player that's strapped to a running cheetahs back while riding on a unicycle that's on a tightrope blindfolded then to get guys to understand that girls aren't that confusing.

It's impossible to understand girls because they don't know who they are themselves. But if you're with a real woman, she'll tell you plain and clear who she is, what she likes and dislikes, and what she expects from you. Moreover, she'll expect the same from you.

So no, once you get out of the bar to find a real woman, it's not that difficult.

We like it when you make us feel special. That's the basic rule for any woman.


Most of the things you have listed are risky, not hard.

Womanhood is the period in a female's life after she has transitioned through childhood and adolescence, generally age 18. Puberty generally begins at about age 10, followed by menarche at age 12 to 13.

Just showing that you make an effort to make us feel good is nice.

There is no such thing as a 9x9 the biggest is an 8x8

@jackyy There is no such thing as a 9x9 the biggest is an 8x8

The largest is the 17x17 created by Oscar van Deventer.

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@The largest is the 17x17 created by Oscar van Deventer.

My bad, the largest in normal production due to the ridiculous cost is an 8x8. A 17x17 must be HUGE

We like sugar, not being lied to, and being spoiled. There: you understand women.

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