If they postponed school till like 9 o'clock everyday everyone would be so much more awake and attendance would go up, amirite. amirite?

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We have 9am starts in England. It doesn't help stuff, really.

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@Sinner We have 9am starts in England. It doesn't help stuff, really.

I'm in England but all the schools I know start at 8am, what school starts at 9? I think I might move there!

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My school starts around 9. Even then, people are not awake in the mornings.

I'm from Australia and school goes from 9am-3pm everyday anyway :)

This is funny because I live in Australia and we have 9AM starts. Most of us say we wish school started at 11 and went to like 5 lol.

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11 o'clock*

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7-2:00 suckssss and no one's awake until 9

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Toronto has 9-315 every day, it really hasn't improved the attendance rate at all

See, when I was in high school, I would have agreed with this, and there is something to be said for not interrupting the natural rhythms of your body. However, now I am in college, my first class starts at 9:15, and it makes no difference whatsoever. It was nice for the first week or so but then I adjusted.

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My school is from 7-3 its like hell

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My high school went from 09:00 - 15:45. I don't think it makes much difference.

My high school went from 9-3... and believe me, people still didn't show up in the morning.

Normally my school goes from 8:30-3:00 but on wednesdays it goes from 9:30-3:00 and we have shorter classes

My middle school went from 9:45-4, and no one was awake then. We were more awake in high school when we went from 7:15-1:45.

My school goes from 8:50-3:45...I'd almost rather wake up earlier so I could get home earlier.

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7:50 to 3:43.
Such a long day, but we have longer days and don't go to school on Fridays. (:

@AntiJokeChicken Really? You finish at 3:43? Like seriously... :43?

Yes. :43.
If I knew why it was such an irregular minute, I'd tell you, but I have no idea. :

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I'm pretty sure no one cares...

If school started at 9, everyone would just complain and want it to start even later. :P

I start school at 10:03 ..

My high school was 7:45-3:15 but once a month we'd have "late arrival" where we'd start at 8:54 (weird time, I know) and it didn't really make a difference. Either you stayed up later since you didn't have to start as early, or you went out to breakfast/coffee with your friends so you woke up at the same time anyway.

My school (in New Zealand) is from 9-3.15, and if you're used to having to get to school at that time then it's still hard to wake up in time.

I wish I started at like 6am. Then I would have my whole afternoon to do stuff.

I start at 8:30 btw.

My school starts at 9, yet attendance is still shit. Now, starting at 11, that might be captivating.

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i start and 1:50 and finish at 3:45 and i am still tired

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