What was the guy who discovered syrup thinking? "Let's go poke holes in all the trees and pour whatever comes out onto our pancakes/ french toast!" amirite?

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Buddy the elf?

Who gives a crap, pancakes are just flaps of dough and syrup is delicious.

I doubt pancakes came before syrup.

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well you dont put whatever comes out of the trees onto your french toast because then you would be putting an almost water like substance on your toast and thats gross.
you forgot to include the part about boling it down for hours

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Well, they probably boiled down the sap for the sugar in it. Maybe the syrup came once they realized there was another use for it?

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there you go, cut out the middle man (being the pancake)! all hail syrup!

k its not that hard dude, some dude walked by a punctured tree and though "hey look there is goopy stuff coming out of that tree!"
touches it
" Its sticky! i wonder what it smells like..."
smells it
"it smells sweet, it probabably tastes sweet too"
tastes it
"holy-mother-of-god!! Mouth-gasm "

k i know that sounds uber cheesy but im sure it went something like that...

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well I've never had french toast, but my bet is that the person that found sap wasn't french, nor did they have bread at the time

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