Reading an eBook is not nearly as fun as reading a real book, amirite?

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Yes, when I'm reading an e-book I don't think DANG I COULD BE HOLDING A BOOK RIGHT NOW, it's not the format that matters to me, it's the story being told.

I read the Satanic Bible on an eBook. I preferred it to pages.

I tried this with Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen once. It was just as shit when I read it as an e-book as it was when I read it as a paper back.

I prefer ebooks. They're more convenient and you don't worry about tearing the pages. Its also quiter so you can read even while others are trying to sleep.

Did you know you could fit the text of every book in 7k years of human history in a few cubic metres of holographic storage?

Normally I don't mind but if I were to say all the things I hate about e-books it would be this:

  • the terms and conditions have to agree to to read it on your kindle or w/e also allows them to take your books away from you if it seems like you're violating something. One guy literally had his entire library deleted from his kindle (notes and all) which cost him THOUSANDS of dollars.
  • you can't share books the way you can with a real book.
    flipping to certain parts is more difficult
    the glare/ light can get annoying after a while
    *it's not as easy to mark up as a real book

Some good things though
light weight
can read it in the shower/bathtub without getting pages wet
*has an option to let it scroll slowly so you don't have to worry about flipping pages and moving your hands.

I feel the same way toward audio books. They're ok, but it's just not the same...

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