In the event of a zombie apocalypse, all I would really need is amirite? becuase everyone else would be posting about ways to fend off the brain eating undead, amirite?

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Create a diversion to distract the zombies (throwing a person you dislike at them works especially well) and run towards the nearest WholeFoods. There will be a man in a yellow poncho. His name is Frank. Go up to Frank and say to him "ekki-ekki-ekki-ekki-p'tang-zoom-boing-zourowlingrm" - he'll know what it means. He shall then take to to the secret back room. In the center of the room will be a black case with "in case of zombies" written on it. He'll hand it to you. Inside should be a hand-crafted, glittery sword, made from mahogany wood and unicorn excriment. This is the ultimate zombie-fighting weapon that only THE survivor can use. Frank will then tell you that it's for Anthony when he sees you going into cardiac arrest. Seeing your glumness, he'll give you a flashlight and you declare that your weapon. Go back outside and round up all of the amiriters and proceed to prepare for the ultimate death match with the undead.

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the internet would probably be shut off though so you're screwed.

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