It annoys you when really ugly girls are with extremely hot guys. amirite?

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Why would it annoy you? That they have a relationship based something else other than looks? People like you make me disgusted.

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Maybe you're even uglier?

So girls get mad when guys go for the hot girls, then when they go for one that isn't a model you still get mad?

Woah, shallow water alert, do not steer the cruise ship in this direction as crashing is inevitable. I repeat, shallow water alert.

I don't really understand why it's a problem...

Eesas avatar Eesa No Way +22Reply

Personality is better than looks.

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As a rather unattractive girl with a gorgeous boyfriend, I am offended.


Because looks are the only things that matter?

ambrosias avatar ambrosia No Way +14Reply

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

To be honest, I don't think I've ever actually seen that. I've seen the opposite (hot chick with ugly guy) way more often.

People have different views on attractive just because you think someone's ugly doesn't mean the rest of the world doesn't see them as attractive

Because God forbid two people get together out of personality alone.

And if the guy is an abusive asshole, oh well! As long as he's gorgus!!1

Tapes avatar Tape No Way +10Reply

My friends little sister always gets jealous cause she can never get a guy while some "ugly" girl can. It's really annoying when she says things like that. Not EVERYONE looks at what's on the outside.

That would actually make me smile...

Pugs avatar Pug No Way +1Reply

I saw a chubby not particularly attractive guy and a really cute girl very happily holding hands and flirting the other day. Thought they were adorable, and pretty awesome for being able to see past just looks <3

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Well I've actually never seen that, so no it doesn't bother me.

Its more frustrating the other way around.

Glishiouss avatar Glishious Yeah You Are -3Reply
@Glishious Its more frustrating the other way around.

No it's not. I'll thank you for not being a shallow dick, asshole.

Jokers avatar Joker No Way +1Reply
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